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Hi there! I reblog everything I love - autumn (!!), books, coffee, humour and random things. Tumblr opens up my eyes to many things, not just confining to my own country and surroundings. Pictures, speak a thousand words. Also, what's life without the occasional craziness which takes me away from my mundane cycle of life?
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      Library Porn

      Admont Abbey Library, Austria

      This is like the real life library from Beauty and the Beast

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Coffee is brain juice. Fact. Totally a fact.


          Coffee is brain juice. Fact. Totally a fact.

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              A collection of my favorite Hans-related posts

              hans hate is my fave

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                I’ve reblogged thia a trillion times. And ill do it 5trillion times more.

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                    Fictitious Dishes, Famous Meals From Literature by Dinah Frie

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